This is me, full of anticipation.

I start my course next week and it seems like a world away. I cannot wait to begin, the books are daunting and I need a plan, I am a planner, a list maker and an organizer and this waiting game just does not gel with me. I need to start notes, read books, begin assessments and organize my time.




Come one, hurry up and let the games begin!


Books, glorious books!

Ten in total. I received all my books the other day and what a day it was, it was so exciting but also very overwhelming. I opened each one and had a quick flip through, then went through a moment of holy crap what am I doing? I have no idea what I’m doing! OH god help me!

Anyway after the slight melt down I decided to look at the books productively. I am going to learnt the medical terminology book and attempt to learn as much as possible from the start so day one I can at least understand some of that!. On the bright side I should not have to buy any more books as these will get me through to the end of next year. I know though that I will still buy lots of books throughout my 2 years.

So I have the books, the bag, the stationary and the acceptance letter and the motivation, so come at me nursing school!

Ta Da!


Here is my bag, well suitcase. Yep I know I may look about silly but I decided egh, its my back that is going to hurt so woo!

It is so pretty and lots of space and little compartments. I feel it will be very good as I plan to go in the city before school to complete some work so I do not have to do as much from home so I will need to carry so many texts with me plus my equipment.  I have an hour train trip to and from school so this will be so much better than carting around and backpack, laptop bag and handbag so this is the PERFECT solution!

Results are in!

I am now a Nursing student. Woo Hoo


So the worry was for no reason as usual. I received 28 out of 30 for the literacy component and 36 out of 40 for the maths component so very stoked with that! I have received my letter and now just await my welcome pack, head in for enrollment, hand over some cash, get my books, get nurses kit, get uniform, fill in the fee help forms, working with children check, police check and make sure immunisations are up to date.  Phew……..

Assessment completed and now the panic has settled in!

Maths and Literacy assessment done and dusted. How did it go? well it went ok, I feel slightly stressed about it, I know I answered a couple wrong. I don’t know what happened, I just went black on some real basic questions, but oh well it is done. Nothing I can do about it know lol. It should be fine though. I hope, can you feel my confidence!

So now is the waiting game for them to call me and approve my enrolment. I hope it is soon and I can go and get my books. I want to start reading as much as I can just to get a little leg up on the reading. I am sure there is going to be a lot.

I have really started thinking how the hell is this going to work with having a house to look after, working part time and a child at school. I know there are lots of others in the same boat but it is quite overwhelming just thinking about it. I should stop reading other blogs about nursing school and how they say it is very very time consuming!

Anyway….. just waiting for that call…come on, we all now patience is not my strong suit!!

The elusive bag

That’s right the hunt is on.

Where do you find that perfect bag that carries everything, that is not too heavy and wont break the first day it is put to its limits.

Basically I want a nice durable bag that will carry all walks of items such as my laptop, very heavy and large nursing books and typical girl paraphernalia that one finds in their handbag. I am unsure about how much I will be needing to take to class but as I am studying a couple of nights a week in the city I am planning on going to the library those two days and complete study, so it is kind of unavoidable to not bring them into the city with me.

I was looking at a small suitcase on wheels but I wonder how ridiculous it would look lol, who knows. Who can believe that their would be post on finding a bag. Typical girl I guess. I want practicality, nice and comfortable, could that really be that hard! Evidently so….


Anyway if anyone has any experiences of a great type of bag they have found or a place to buy one, it would be very much appreciated! Otherwise I have a day of shopping coming up in a few weeks. Oh well that would be  a shame 😉  

Vetassess and choices

I am off in a couple of days to complete the Vetassess. It is basically to ensure you understand some basic Math and English elements. I am not too concerned about completing this as I am competent in both but who knows how you go under pressure. It will be good to see the campus as I have yet to see it. I had only two institutes to choose from as I can only study very limited times due to work and my childs school. So I had to choose between on campus two nights a week or online but a trip to QLD every now and then. However I would prefer to attend on campus. I like the idea of being face to face with educators and other students. It is going to but a strain on my home life but hopefully between my husband and I we can work it all out.

Next week is the day when I will complete the test and enroll. Then to buy all the expensive texts and accessories!


So here I am beginning another chapter of my life. I currently work in the health field and love what I do, I also love studying health. So I am beginning a Diploma of Nursing with the plan of then completing a Bachelor of Nursing and then post grad. At present I feel that I want to get in to theatre nursing, paed nursing or perhaps palliative nursing. Although I am sure these ideas will change.

I also am trying to complete this course while working and being a mum so we will see how it all goes.